TRESPASS 'Hoarding Site' @ TULCA Galway

Tulca: ‘Hoarding Site’
This work installed for Tulca shows 4 films made in a site off Miltary Road, Kilmainham. The films are imbedded in a hoarding that takes on the boat shape of the original hoarding on Military Road ‘Hoarding walker’ sees the performer cautiously circumnavigating the top of the narrow hoarding. ‘Crawl’ is an attempted re-enactment of the walk but the hoarding has become precarious and the performer is only now able to crawl. ‘Stalker Re-enactment’, re-enacts a scene from Tarkovsky’s famous film, where his character the Stalker enters ‘the zone’. For ‘Fire’ the site becomes temporarily inhabited, a fire is built, the dusk sounds and light recorded and the Trespass crew share Nettle tea.